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keepers of the craft.

We are a diversified wellness company advancing cannabinoid and psychedelic innovation and psychotherapy.

A curator and aggregator of craft cannabis, providing advocacy and access for premium small-batch growers to the Canadadian cannabis market.
A cultivation and processing facility in BC, completing a $2M renovation to access both Canadian medical and recreational cannabis markets.
A successful cannabinoid brand house licensed in the state of California, focused on development of innovative cannabis products and formulations.
A pre-clinical biotech company focused on neuroplasticity and mental health applications using psilocybin and compounds derived from mushrooms.
What we do

We are the voice
of craft cannabis.

BC Craft Supply Co. (CSE: CRFT) is a diversified life-science company advancing cannabinoid and psychedelic innovation and psychotherapy. We work with local artisans cross-sector, and are fervently committed to keeping intact the art, technique, and purity of their pursuit.

our partners

We have friends in
high places.

CRFT brings together the collective expertise of the best minds in industry; an ambitious and persistent group which come to work every day ready to tackle major social issues and offer new ideas for wide-scale change. Bridging the gap between commerce and art, we are committed to fostering a mutually beneficial relationship driving business success and enhancing local communities.
Our Mission

We do what we do
for the good of craft.

Working collaboratively, we are the voice of craft cannabis and psychedelic companies, fighting for fair access and distribution in today’s wellness markets. We are committed to making a difference with communities, to our customers, our value chain, our shareholders, and the industry at large.


We’re authentic, creative, and disruptive pioneers of industry.

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