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AVA Pathways is a life sciences company leveraging a strong pre-clinical and clinical experimental program to drive the next generation of psychiatric medicine using psychedelic compounds derived from mushrooms.

Ava Pathways performs pre-clinical studies on psychoactive substances for treatment of common medical conditions.

Through evidence-based research, the Company is a global leader in developing new psychoactive therapies to accelerate patient access. AVA’s safe and effective psychedelic compounds, coupled with novel formulation and protocol IP aim to redefine the future of psychotherapy.

Ava Pathways is an innovative company that is exploring the therapeutic scientific benefits of proprietary formulations, using compounds from mushrooms

With the recent addition of Susan Chapelle to the advisory board of BC CRAFT, the AVA Pathways team is currently laser focused on securing their Health Canada exemption to allow them access to clinical trials.

Susan is an industry expert in psychedelics, and a noted international speaker on public policy, research, education, and technology.  In her recent role as EVP of R&D with Havn Life, Susan successfully navigated licensure for one of the first preclinical studies on psilocybin and the immune system, and in doing so brings a wealth of proven and demonstrable knowledge to Ava Pathways.  Susan has an Executive MBA from Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business, and is co-author of 6 publications in peer reviewed journals.

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