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Somo Industries Inc (DBA Feelwell Brands) is a holding company incorporated in the province of  British Columbia, with a unique capital structure allowing the company to hold any number of licensed cannabis portfolio investments in the United States.  The company also controls the IP over  brands, assets, technologies, recipes and  SOPs for various premium consumer packaged goods in the United States.  The acquisition provides accretion for investors, as it represents a proven pathway to growth, via access to one of the most lucrative cannabis markets in the world.

“Before we were co-founders, we were friends.” – Cosmo Meens, Clix CEO

ClixTM, Feelwell’s first portfolio brand, is focused on bringing wellness inspired, micro-dosed, dispensed   cannabis to USA’s largest cannabis market, California.  The brand is fuelled and driven by local craft artists in the market, and has a network of influence beyond social media which it plans to leverage to fuel further growth.  Clix has two primary products for sale in California; herbal blended pre-rolls, and novel herbal blended micro-dosed tablets.

We bring people to new highs with premium herbal blended cannabis products.

With dozens of product formulations and innovation in the IP pipeline, CLIX has the capacity to launch into various verticals and channels in the United States at rapid pace.  The company plans to launch Herbal Blended Flower Sticks in addition to Hot Drink Elixirs this Summer with significant distribution planned later in the year. 

CLIX interweaves health, wellness, art and intention into their work and products. Their herb blended formulations bring new ways to help feel the way we want, when we want. Checkout their product line at and have a look at the artists they support.

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